Symmetric Finance Joins Prosperity For All Through NFT Education

Symmetric Finance fulfills the standards of Satoshi’s vision of Financial Sovereignty that empowers individuals for prosperity and sustainable Benefits without third parties. The protocol provides savvy products and an environment of extraordinarily robust guarantees and lucrative rewards.

As an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Symmetric rises above the deplorable high gas fees hijacking innovation in the Crypto space to provide near-zero transaction costs. It, therefore, offers higher returns for liquidity providers, which opens up Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to all investors, irrespective of their capital size.

Symmetric Finance supports sixteen tokens per pool with customizable Smart pools. This feature empowers users to create index funds and ESG-focused funds, unlocking more use-cases such as launchpads and asset managers

Moreover, at the heart of Symmetric is a noteworthy risk fund that delivers extra safeguard to liquidity providers, users, and its community from security infringements so rampant in this industry. The launchpad’s role is to sustain the composition and takeoff of new DeFi protocols to expand and assist the entire ecosystem.

There Is More

More importantly, Symmetric is owned and controlled by its community, with all decisions coming from the stakeholders. It is Blockchain agnostic and currently runs on Celo and Gnosis, two highly scalable Blockchains, with support for more chains coming soon.

The native token, which is $SYMM, has several utilities within the ecosystem. It is a governance token, a reward to liquidity providers in complement to the share of any applicable fees and stakeholders adding worth to the ecosystem.

Symmetric is compatible with MetaMask, Wallet Connect, Celo wallet, Cent Wallet, Valora, and more wallets are coming soon, but the team recommends using the former since it was used for testing the system. A number of these wallets are also available to users in mobile format.

In just three steps and a few minutes, you can start earning gainful rewards on Symmetric Finance:

• Step 1 — Launch the app

• Step 2 — Connect wallet & add liquidity

• Step 3 — Earn fees in pools + reward tokens (airdropped)

DeFi Partner of NFT Workshops For African Artists

Africa Blockchain University is excited to announce Symmetric Finance as our DeFi Partner of the NFT Workshops for African Artists. The move will enhance the financial literacy of African artists entering the NFT space.

The objective is to teach our Artists how to invest their earnings in DeFi tactfully without cashing them all out into fiat. Symmetric will assist artists in learning about its ecosystem, the products, and the services available so they can stake, provide liquidity, and yield farm.

Hence at every workshop, a team member from Symmetric will facilitate a session to introduce artists to DeFi and what their protocol offers. At the end of every workshop, our participants will understand the tools needed to invest securely.

We want African artists to understand and take advantage of how finance has moved from the traditional world to the Blockchain arena of decentralized and trustless principles. The workshops inspire prosperity and provide tools for precisely that purpose.

NFT ToT Workshops For African Artists

The NFT Workshop for African Artists series is part of the NFT Africa Initiative. This Training of Trainers Workshops explores the intersection of Art and Blockchain technologies with African creatives like visual artists, photographers, videographers, musicians, and collectors.

The goal is to work with African Artists to comprehend NFTs, employ them to preserve African heritage and culture, and access global markets for sustainable benefits and development. Colonialists looted African artifacts, which still adorn museums in Europe and America, but we have the opportunity to preserve our legacy forever through the Blockchain today.

Furthermore, many African artists live in poverty due to weak intellectual property rights in Africa. They hardly survive on their work as they cannot benefit from them.

The narrative must change by providing African artists with tools they can use to reverse this sad reality. Our Workshops present knowledge about the Blockchain, fundamentals of NFTs, Building Communities, Branding, Storytelling, How To Organise NFT Collections, and Tools to Undertake NFT Journey.

Participants more so, learn how to mint, invest in DeFi, and cash out their Crypto to local currencies on p2p exchanges like Paxful. The intent is to expose African artists to learn financial sovereignty in an era where you don’t need to trust but only verification.

The workshop has traveled to countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria (Twice). Plans are advanced for events in Liberia, Kenya, Gambia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Egypt, and Botswana.

Support Us

Africa Blockchain University is a non-profit and decentralized educational organization committed to promoting Blockchain adoption in Africa through Policy Advocacy, Research, Training, and Incubation. All our programs are free, and we rely on sponsorships, grants, and donations to operate.

Your donations facilitate Blockchain adoption while empowering Africans, significantly the youth. Whatever you give goes directly into enlightening people about Distributed Ledger Technologies and the prospects it delivers.

To support us, kindly get in touch at: We accept Crypto donations, NFTs, Avatars, and virtual lands.

We appreciate your continuous support.



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