Report Of Tanzania NFT Workshop For Artists

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3 min readOct 30, 2021

The NFT Workshop Series for African Artists under the NFT Africa Initiative took off without any blemish in Daresaalam, Tanzania, on 22 October 2021 at the National Museum of Tanzania.

Working in collaboration with BlockTech as our local partners with the kind sponsorship of Yield App, we recorded 40 artists and two collectors in attendance. Out of the number of artists, there were two videographers, four musicians, and 34 visual artists.

Participants explored the fundamentals of Blockchain, Crypto, Wallets, NFTs, Resources you need to enter the NFT space, Branding your artwork, Minting your artwork, and How to Invest Your Earnings with Yield.

Network of African NFT Artists (NaNa)

These participants have now formed the nucleus of the Network of African NFT Artists (NaNa). The network will engage artists to share resources, success stories, challenges, and opportunities in the NFT space, particularly the Blockchain industry in general.

ABU and our partners like Yield App will continue to support them to run Meetups in communities, art cooperatives, centers, and studies to share their knowledge from the ToT Workshop. The goal is to work with them to bring more artists into the NFT sector, the network and get involved in the Yield App Ecosystem for sustainable benefits.

As stated in the concept paper of the NFT Africa Initiative, the goal is to have a DAO for the network to leverage Blockchain and decentralized mechanisms for self-reliance and profitability. We will soon release a roadmap for the network and create various working groups to implement our plan after our next workshop.

Continuous Education

We will continue to educate and support the artists to navigate the NFT space seamlessly. In the pipeline is a series of online events, mentoring, and branding sessions.

We will have a monthly Hangout online every month, beginning from November, hosting NFT artists to share their experiences with network members. Our 1st Hangout is coming on 7 November 2021.

Moreover, every two months, we will have a Webinar updating network members about the Yield App ecosystem and benefitting from the products. This is a session that will empower the artists to make prudent investments with their earnings.

We also have plans to organize a Yield App NFT Competition for Artists with the sole aim of collecting the best art pieces of African origin to reward Yield App Investors.

Media Engagement

PLUS TV, a local network in Tanzania, covered the workshop. They interviewed ABU’s president, Afrikanus Kofi Akosah, CEO of BlockTech, Sandra Chogo, and some participants.

There’s also a 20-minute radio appearance on the morning of Saturday 6 November 2021 that will feature Afrikanus Kofi Akosah And Sandra Chogo to discuss Blockchain, and Yield App. We’re hoping to have more media engagement for our following workshops.

Upcoming Workshops

Our next stop will be Uganda, where we hope to engage more artists and bring them under the NaNa umbrella. Here are schedules for the workshops till December 2021.

Uganda — 25 November

Nigeria — 15 December

Ghana — 22 December


ABU is very grateful to Yield App for the kind sponsorship and assistance with the curriculum. Without their role, the workshop wouldn’t have been possible.

ABU will keep pushing Yield App adoption in Africa, and we look forward to more collaborations to promote Blockchain technologies and sustainable benefits from their ecosystem. This partnership is valuable to us, and we will cherish it forever.

Our team is looking forward to the upcoming workshops, the gradual growth of the network, and more African artists getting involved in the NFT market. The future begins today!

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