Flywallet Supports Prosperity For All Through NFT Education

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4 min readMay 18, 2022

Flywallet is a captivating business model for making travel easy for everyone, particularly those without deep pockets. To be precise, they make dreams come true.

It is the first of its kind Web3 travel outlet to provide custom savings plans, destination insights, cheap flights, and more. Their mission is to make those unforgettable moments possible, irrespective of who or where you are.

It is time to take that dream vacation you have postponed for some time now because of a lack of funds. You don’t have to worry anymore since Flywallet has got you covered.

Flywallet EMPOWERS everyone to achieve total travel freedom in just three easy steps. Now you can pay for your air ticket through installments in a unique manner never seen before.

The platform enables individual and corporate bodies to master their finances and save with a simplified budget calculator and professional budgeting guidance with innovation and modern tools. Flywallet lets you book first, save later, and lock in the best flight deals months in advance with a small, upfront deposit at no cost or limit.

Sages say only a fool doesn’t change his mind. If you don’t want to travel again or in an emergency, you can withdraw your saved funds without any blemish.

Simply Book, Save, and Travel. You can use their services anywhere you find yourself globally, either using fiat or Crypto like Celo and cUSD.

Travel Partners of NFT Workshop Series

ABU is proud to announce that Flywallet is our Travel Partner for the NFT Workshop for African Artists. As a native of the Celo ecosystem, this kind gesture by Flywallet is driving the Prosperity For All Agenda.

The sponsorship covers flight tickets for the workshop facilitators and ABU team members to travel for the workshops in various countries. From Douala, Freetown, and Accra to Lagos, Flywallet got us there to enlighten African artists about the future of creativity.

The icing on the cake is the utility Flywallet has provided to the collections the workshop participants are launching on AriSwap. Anyone who purchases a ticket from Flywallet qualifies for a 20 percent discount.

This gesture is what we call real empowerment that goes a long way to change lives. Our Artists from Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria are looking forward to launching their collections soon.

Their support is immensely imperative in educating African artists about the intersection of Art and Blockchain technology and the game-changing elements it brings to humanity. We very much appreciate it and putting it to good use to bring sustainable benefits that make a distinction.

We believe prosperity can be created for all and sundry for a better future through education. Together, with Flywallet and our other partners, we unlock wealth for African Artists.

NFT ToT Workshops For African Artists

The NFT Workshop for African Artists began in Tanzania in 2021 as part of the NFT Africa Initiative. It is a Training of Trainers Workshops to ensure that artists can help bring their communities into the NFT space.

The goal is to engage African Artists to understand NFTs, leverage them to preserve African heritage and culture, and access global markets for sustainable benefits. We are all aware of how foreigners looted African art, and today, we have the opportunity to preserve them forever through the Blockchain.

Many African artists live in penury due to weak intellectual property rights on the continent. They hardly survive on their work as they cannot benefit from them.

We want to change the narrative by providing them with tools they can leverage to reverse the situation. The Workshops deliver knowledge about the Blockchain, fundamentals of NFTs, Building Communities, Branding, Storytelling, How To Organise NFT Collections, and Tools to Begin an NFT Journey.

Participants, moreover, learn how to mint, invest in DeFi, and cash out their Crypto to local currencies on p2p exchanges like Paxful. Our objective is to expose African artists to understanding financial sovereignty in an era where you don’t need to trust but verify.

The workshop has traveled to countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. Plans are far advanced for events in Nigeria and Liberia, and in the pipeline are countries like Kenya, Gambia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Egypt, and Botswana.

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