AriSwap: Bringing Prosperity Through NFT Education In Africa

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4 min readMay 24, 2022

AriSwap fulfills the cardinal ingredients of a robust NFT platform, and as a project built on Celo, it is dedicated to promoting Prosperity for all through NFT Education in Africa. The project creates room for all creatives to be a part of the burgeoning NFT Market.

In the NFT Space, three elements make a better NFT Marketplace of excellence. It isn’t easy to make an indelible mark without them in this fast-paced industry.

We are in an era where obnoxious gas fees are hijacking innovation due to scalability. Imagine a young African Artist who is entering the NFT space and has to pay $200 to mint a piece of artwork that might not even get sold.

Being able to lower transaction fees is crucial in the NFT space. Moreover, an outstanding UX accompanies an ideal user experience as well.

Without it, a bland marketplace can hardly attract users in numbers. Crypto natives are very particular with this component.

Equally imperative is how secure the platform is in every sense. It should be able to safeguard the security of users’ assets, but these are fundamental issues many marketplaces are struggling with at a time the industry is booming.

But AriSwap ticks all these features that make an NFT Marketplace dependable. You can mint a creative art piece like meme, art, video, photograph, etc., for just $0.001.

NFT Platform Partner

ABU is proud to say that AriSwap is our NFT Platform partner for the NFT Workshops for African Artists Series we are running around the continent. By supporting this initiative, the project brings to life Celo’s ambition of unlocking Prosperity for All.

AriSwap makes NFT education in Africa possible by providing budgetary support to the workshops while making their ecosystem available for artists to explore how to mint artistic works. The CEO, Alex Rodriquez, has personally run presentations to artists in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and Ghana via Google Hangout.

Besides, the artists will soon launch their collections on ARI Marketplace with the kind support of the team. It is their ardent belief that through these NFT educational outreaches and networking, African artists can protect their work and prosper sustainably.

AriSwap is unique in the sense that it leaves no artists behind. NFT from its inception, has only targeted digital artists, but our partners are changing the narrative.

You can tokenize even physical art on AriSwap, which opens a new door of opportunity for collectors and traditional artists. It is a whole new chapter for those artists who couldn’t get into the space because they were not into digital art.

All you need to create a digital twin of an asset is to take a photo of it, mint it, and issue a digital certificate. When someone buys the image, the physical art is then shipped to him/her.

This distinct feature has provided enormous support to our workshops as most African artists are yet to transition into digital art. AriSwap’s role in bringing African art to the Blockchain is a pivotal one we so much appreciate at Africa Blockchain University.

With AriSwap and our other partners, we are creating a movement of NFT Artists in Africa to preserve African culture and heritage. Thanks to projects like these, Africa won’t be left behind in the Blockchain revolution.

NFT ToT Workshops For African Artists

The NFT Workshop for African Artists started in Tanzania in October 2021 as part of the NFT Africa Initiative. These events are Training of Trainers Workshops to ensure that artists can help bring their communities into the NFT space.

The purpose is to work with African Artists to comprehend NFTs, utilize them to preserve African heritage and culture, and access international markets for sustainable gains. We are all mindful of how colonialists pillaged African art, and today, we have the opportunity to preserve them perpetually through the Blockchain.

Many African artists live in poverty due to feeble intellectual property rights. They barely survive their work as they cannot benefit from them.

ABU and our partners are dedicated to reversing the status quo by furnishing them with tools they can leverage to change the circumstances. The Workshops offer knowledge about the Blockchain, fundamentals of NFTs, Building Communities, Branding, Storytelling, How To Organise NFT Collections, and Tools to Begin an NFT Journey.

Our participants learn how to mint, invest in DeFi, and cash out their Crypto to local currencies on p2p exchanges like Paxful. we intend to expose African artists to comprehending financial sovereignty in a period where you don’t need to trust but verify.

The workshop has toured countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. This weekend, we will be in Nigeria, then Liberia. Countries like Kenya, Gambia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Egypt, South Sudan, and Botswana are in the pipeline.

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